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Simbiozo® is on a Mission to Empower Small and Medium Enterprises to Unlock the Power of Data for and from Customers.


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Simbiozo's seamless workflow:

From data to impact:  The SME’s digital foundation for true personalization and innovation. High-quality data in a maximally automated flow that enriches your insights with every cycle. That's how you become smarter. And smarter.

Customer data infrastructure

Collects and connects disparate data sources and applications
Cleans, harmonizes and enriches customer data
Provides data governance and data quality assurance

Customer data platform

Holds the single view of the customer
360° humanized data
Is the ultimate source of all relevant interaction

Customer intelligence platform

Performs analytics (incl. predictive) on customer behavior data
Includes tracking of human/machine behavior
Provides management dashboards for decision-making

A centralized data lake

Enabling to unlock the power of customer data.

A single view

Single customer view makes your interactions 100% targeted and personalized.

Improved analytics

Outsmart the competition trough data-driven cleverness.

Maximized automation

Simbiozo® is the platform that relieves you of all technical burdens.

Marketing capabilities

Increase your business range and expand your client portfolio

Controll your data

You decide what to do with data your company possess.

Money saver

No need to hire your own data scientist. Spend your money effectively, save it with Simbiozo®.

Data integration

Enable upstream and downstream integration in your ecosystem.


Grow your business 

Improve your business efficiency with Simbiozo.

Check what we offer to get your business to grow faster. Less worrying about your business efficiency means more time given potential and existing customers all the attention and service they deserve. And they'll grow your business better, and faster,


Simbiozo Essential Digital Office

The essential applications any SME needs to run the most efficient and productive digital office.

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" Those who own the data will win. Everyone else will pay for access to it "

Sheryl Kingstone, Research Vice President, 451 Research