Is a process that enables you to launch events to multiple apps with just one action. Thanks to our partners, we can make a application-based integration with Integromat, or data-based with Segment.

Integration with Integromat offers:

multi-application events
more free time for customers
sheduled actions
simple actions between apps, based on what customer needs

Data management with Segment:

easy and intuitive data flow between apps
lots of information about clients
tools for analyzing business
app behaviour based on customer's actions

Are you an enterprising influencer?

If so, Automation is just for you. We can share your one action in social media into other places in your social networks. Imagine just adding a post on Facebook, and thanks to integration, we can send your post to Twitter, Instagram, etc. Saving that much time will let you have more time to relax, or making just a new content. All while the Automation captures responses from all channels.

Or maybe you want your business to be planned from start to end?

We can create a complex integration for every possibility that may occur in your business. By adding specific filters, every event will be activated in right conditions. Data can be also transported in easy way. Integromat can create a UBL or XML file with your precious data. Organization in your business is a important thing, and Automation can organize even more things for you.

Running an e-shop? We can help you as well

Powerful tools from Segment and Integromat can also make your e-shop more ordered and comfortable to use. All time that you will spend on organizing transactions, with Automation, can be used for your other activities. Let Automation do everything for you, making sure everything inside your shop is in perfect order. We'll also send you every necessery data of interactions inside your commerce. 

There are many ways to use Automation,
but we can create the one that fits only you!